Our Mission:

From its early days, Electronic Dance Music Culture [Rave Culture] has been deeply rooted in a sense of community, participation and self expression.  Gatherings great and small [raves] have brought dance music fans together in celebration of their passion for their music and their shared vision of acceptance and optimism.  The mantra P.L.U.R (peace, love, unity, respect), coined in late 80's Electronic Dance Music [EDM] scene, has long served as a rallying cry for this shared vision.  Rave4Change's [R4C] objective is to bring the idea of P.L.U.R. to the next level.  With the help of contributors R4C will extend the passion and energy of dance music fans beyond the clubs, warehouse parties, festivals, streaming audio/video sites and chat forums.  R4C aims to positively affect others through targeted events, merchandise and music that activate both local and broad scope charitable fundraising and volunteer efforts.  Dance music makes people feel good; let's build on that!

Our Model:

Rave4Change is structured to be totally malleable.   Causes, musical focuses, artists and fan groups are all fluid. Each one can be adjusted under the R4C model to pair the right artist, event and music with the right donor support community.  This adaptability is essential to creating targeted campaigns and meaningful experiences for all involved.  The R4C mission size, scope and focus causes can flex and re-calibrate on a case by case basis. 

Friends and Contributors:

Bob Foxx:   Founder / Creative Director 

Bob Foxx:

Founder / Creative Director 

Jay Luss   Photography / Video

Jay Luss

Photography / Video

Raj Grewal:   Legal / Business Development

Raj Grewal:

Legal / Business Development

Past Partners:

Never Summer Snowboards // CrOoKeD sPiNe ReCoRdS // The Colorado Avalanche // The Robusto Rooom // COVA // The Music Hall at Spike Hill // Shure // The Jam Stand // Fossil // The Thomas Cloyd Fund // Ashton Cigars // Chuck D // Oranj Mechanik // American Musical Supply // RANE

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